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Ordinary Membership

Everglow Community Care Links Incorporated (Everglow) is an incorporation association under Queensland Law. This allows Everglow, (a legal entity) to carry out the purposes set out in our constitution.

The membership elects members to the Management Committee. The Management Committee are responsible for the strategic management and overall
control of the organisation. They appoint a Chief Executive Officer to conduct the day of day operations of the association and to report to the committee.

You, along with other members – are Everglow. As an associated incorporation we only exist if there is a membership base committed to our goals. This
makes us different to larger organisations as we are owned and managed by people in the community, many of whom receive our services.

All new applications for ordinary membership will be considered by the Management Committee at the next scheduled Management Committee
meeting, following submission of the application. The Committee meets on a bi-monthly basis.

Everglow has Public Liability Insurance of $20,000,000 and Products Liability of $20,000,000, which means membership does not carry legal financial liability for loss, injury or damage because of activities carried out by the association.

Receipt of Everglow’s Annual Report.